Privacy Policy

We realize that you are very concerned about the use and disclosure of your personal.And they are highly appreciated your belief in our prudence and sensitivity handling this topic. The statement should state our policy regarding the protection of your privacy. Our website is in the management of Inc.
If you have visited our website, we will take into account the acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

1 Information Collected Automatically

Each time you interact with us, we will receive and deposit the information provided.
For example, like many websites, we use "cookies".
When your Internet browser visits, we will collect some information. (Please refer to sample of the information gathering process outlined at the end of this policy)
Many companies offer technology that can help you visit the website for anónima.Aunque in these conditions, we are able to offer a personalized experience on our site, as its name is not identified, we still remember the existence of these technologies.

2 Correspondence via email

They will help us to more useful and interesting e-mail, when opening the email of we often receive a confirmation e-mail to read the e-mail address provided. (If your computer support this function) will also make the comparison between our customer list and another for companies'in to avoid spam.

3 Information from other resources
We may collect your information for other resources and add it to our customer database (please refer to the sample data collection process outlined at the end of this policy)

4 Biscuits

Cookies can be defined as a kind of symbol of discrimination consist of letters and numbers read on the computer's hard drive by us through your Internet browser so that our system will identify your browser during your visit and show the characteristics and Quantity of items in your cart.

The help function of your browser's toolbar will tell you how to prevent your browser from installing new cookies and inform you when the browser installs a new cookie or turns off cookies altogether.

In addition, you can close or delete data, and browser add-ons such as Flash cookies, changing their settings or visiting other manufactures'websites.

However, cookies can help maximize the use of the best special services, so you may want to establish an open state for this program.

5 Information from other resources

Examples of the information we get from other resources containing the information we get from our depatching and address of the company or a third party, which can correct our record and make it easy to deliver your next order and contact you ..

Account information, purchase or return information, search for keywords and the results of our affiliates enterprises'service, information navigation page received from our cooperative enterprises, search results and links, including without Search for your free business.

The information can be easily obtained from containing the latest information orders, personal details (name, email address, password, directory assistance, etc.), payment settings (including data Your credit card) and so on.